The “Prior Use” Doctrine in UAE Trademark Law

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What is a priority date?

A As used in sections It does not include the name of record of any domestic corporation that is formed under Chapter B Except as provided in section C The trade name application shall be signed by the applicant or by any authorized representative of the applicant.

Trademarks Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of India, check out our the trademark with the earlier application date is given priority.

Once your trademark application is filed, it is reviewed by a trademark examiner. If a conflicting mark with an earlier priority date is cited against your application, you have a number of options. There are other options, but none are usually easy, and they can be quite expensive. If you cannot convince the Examiner to remove his or her rejection, you will not be able to have your trademark registered. Therefore, making sure that you file your trademark application as early as possible minimises the risk that other traders will jump ahead of you in the queue, possibly preventing you from having your trademark registered.

These other traders can be prevented from registering similar trademarks either by having their applications refused by IP Australia i. Filing your trademark application earlier means that your competitors need to justify why their trademarks should be registered in spite of yours, and not vice versa. If your trademark is actually registered months, and possibly years after you first file your application , the registration takes effect from the priority date and not the date upon which it is accepted for registration.

If you encounter competitors who are using similar trademarks, you might need to take legal action against them for infringing your registered trademark. The earlier that your trademark is registered the fewer defences these other traders are likely to have in relation to your legal proceedings. This makes it more likely that you will obtain a successful outcome.

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You must provide these two dates even if they are the same. The USPTO presumes, if more than one item of goods or services is listed in a particular class, that the dates of first use apply to all the listed goods or services in that class. If the dates of first use do not pertain to all the listed items, you should designate the particular item s to which they do pertain. For more information about dates of first use, see 37 C.

A date of first use anywhere is the date when 1 the goods were first sold or transported, or the services were first rendered, under the mark, and 2 such use was bona fide and in the ordinary course of trade. The date of first use anywhere will always be earlier than or the same as the date of first use in commerce.

the application or the date of first use of the trademark in. Canada, whichever is earlier, it was confusing with (a) a trade- mark that had been previously used in.

The infringement of a trade mark — also written and acknowledged as trademark or trade-mark — relates to the unauthorised use of a registered trade mark by any third party on any goods or services identical with the goods or services specified on the register. The Intellectual Property Office also lists examples of unacceptable trade marks around protected emblems, internet domains and company names here.

The infringement of trade marks and copyrights can be criminal offences and also actionable in civil law. The following trade mark violations are cited in the Trade Marks Act :. This occurs when a trademarked sign is used in relation to goods or services identical to or similar to the trade mark to obtain an unfair advantage to the detriment of the registered trade mark.

The session is geared towards fledgling entrepreneurs and inventors with exciting ideas or products, teaching you how to use web databases and giving you a chance to ask questions of our experts. If you believe your UK trademark registration has been infringed, seek advice from a trademark attorney. They can take action to halt the violation of your trade mark or negotiate to license your trade mark on your behalf.

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We are using cookies on our website to make it easy for you. When using our site you are accepting that information about your visit is stored in your web browser. If you have applied for a trademark registration in Sweden you can claim priority if you apply for registration of the same trademark in another country within six months. That way your international application will receive the same application date as the Swedish application. This can prove to be favourable to you if someone else has applied for the same or a similar trademark at the same time or prior to you.

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User date is no less to others for protecting a trademark. In this article I have dealt with the meaning and importance of user date in trademark along with some decided cases. User date is nothing but the date from which the trademark is being used irrespective its registration. To claim such priority, user date is mandatory and shall be proved. When user date is concerned, the very first question which comes to our mind is what amounts to use of trademark?

In Uniply Industries Ltd. As I have said earlier, the prior user has an exclusive right over the mark compared to the registered user. Such right can be claimed by submission of user date as a proof of such prior use. The famous judgment in the case N. Dongre and Ors vs. Whirlpool Corporation and Anr.

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A concurrent use registration , in United States trademark law , is a federal trademark registration of the same trademark to two or more unrelated parties , with each party having a registration limited to a distinct geographic area. Such a registration is achieved by filing a concurrent use application or by converting an existing application to a concurrent use application and then prevailing in a concurrent use proceeding before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board “TTAB” , which is a judicial body within the United States Patent and Trademark Office “USPTO”.

A concurrent use application may be filed with respect to a trademark which is already registered or otherwise in use by another party, but may be allowed to go forward based on the assertion that the existing use can co-exist with the new registration without causing consumer confusion. The authority for this type of registration is set forth in the Lanham Act , which permits concurrent use registration where the concurrent use applicant made a good-faith adoption of the mark prior to the registrant filing an application for registration.

Such registrations are most commonly achieved by agreement of the parties involved, although the USPTO must still determine that no confusion will be caused.

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Priority date refers to the earliest filing date in a family of patent applications. Where only a single patent application is involved, the priority date would obviously be the filing date of the sole application. Known as the priority application, the earliest patent filing may comprise a provisional patent application, a non-provisional patent application or a foreign application. The term may also refer to the earliest filing date of a particular feature of an invention. The priority date is how we determine whether another patent filing or publicly available document qualifies as prior art against your patent application.

Basically, each feature has a priority date of when it was first filed. Since the USPTO operates under a first-to-file rule, maintaining the earliest possible priority date is preferable. If a priority date can be maintained, then by implication it can also be lost particularly when a patent family is involved.

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that can be recorded at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If, for example, a PCT application claims priority to an earlier-filed U.S. As a practice tip, practitioners should make sure all assignments are signed and dated before.

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